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...Yellow Lab,Their ability to screen for type, temperament, and health is evident...
Art Lippoldt-DVM - Alton, IL

...Sievers labs has always been informative and helpful about any questions I have...
Jamie & Jeri Fuess - Springfield, IL

...Golden Retriever: Pouches In The Park: St Louis Cardinals"Busch Statium...
Kirk Pound, O'Fallon MO

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Current Litters
Sievers Bella - Sievers Vegas
DOB:   12/01/2013
DAM:   Sievers Bella
SIRE:   Sievers Vegas
Golden Retriever Pup, this puppy is \"SOLD\" Our next litter will be born on April 11th...For more information please give us a call or email us.
Yellow Labrador~Winny - Yellow Labrador~Montana
DOB:   12/07/2013
DAM:   Yellow Labrador~Winny
SIRE:   Yellow Labrador~Montana
Winny and Montana have Four Beautiful Yellow (warm yellow) Males available for news home now. For more information please email or give us a call. Thanks

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Photo Gallery
Yellow Labrador Pesti
Golden Retriever
Yellow Labrador-Stanley
Golden Retriever "Bella"

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Our Studs
Tucker Tucker
Sievers Vegas Sievers Vegas
Sievers Ready Remington Red Sievers Ready Remington Red
Josh's Callie Calhoun Meppen Josh's Callie Calhoun Meppen

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Current Breedings
Golden Retrievers Molly and Simba
Golden Retrievers Molly and Simba
Golden Retriever Pups On Way!
Our next litter of Golden Retriever pups will be born April 9th-2014. My current puppy familys know I like Dark Golden and Gary likes Light to True Light in Color. This is my 1st litter of Dark Goldens in many years...We are accepting deposits to hold pick. For more information email us or give us a call.
St. Josephs Church  Meppen, IL
St. Josephs Church Meppen, IL
We live behind the church. Sievers Kennels
Sievers Kennels: Gary and Gina are located directly behind St. Josephs Church in Meppen. We have been selectively breeding AKC- UKC Labradors and Golden Retrievers since 1975. We are world famous for our Labradors: Chocolate, Yellow and Black, we are also world famous for our Golden Retrievers.

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Sievers Kennels, HC 82 Box 61, Meppen, IL 62013, Phone: 618-883-2137